When you've read the book....

E. Lockhart has previously talked about some 'small, odd details' in "we were liars" that originally didn't seem to fit. Notice anything odd?

Here are some epiphanies readers have shared after finishing WE WERE LIARS

. Harris Sinclair calls Cadence; Mirren, because Mirren is no longer there

. One night after Summer 15, Taft calls Cadence and says he can't sleep because he thinks Cuddledown is haunted. Cadence replies saying, 'Go to Mirren and ask her to tell you a story'. At this point in time Mirren is dead, it is Mirren, Johnny and Gat that are haunting cuddledown.

. Cadence sent emails to dead people, as well as gifts

. Cadence made a mess, sat on the roof, and drank lemonade all by herself at cuddledown.